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2013 Smart TV Internet set off the outbreak of eco mode of d

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2013 Smart TV Internet set off the outbreak of "eco" mode of dispute 2013 is undoubtedly the outbreak of the smart TV, not only music, as love Fantastic Art, millet, Alibaba and other Internet epoch, and Skyworth, TCL and other traditional
2013 Smart TV Internet set off the outbreak of "eco" mode of dispute
2013 is undoubtedly the outbreak of the smart TV, not only music, as love Fantastic Art, millet, Alibaba and other Internet epoch, and Skyworth, TCL and other traditional TV manufacturers incoming, more Samsung, LG's powerful competition, the explosive growth of the market, with each passing day, and constantly upgrade technology, the price of the product gradually close to the people, so that 2013 is destined to become a red-letter year for smart TV. Since September 19, 2012, music as a "subversive Day", announced Super TV program as a starting point, the vertical integration model "music as ecology" under questioning from the outside to the sidelines and then follow up, thus fighting the smart TV market pull opening prologue. "Music as the current main task is to 'music as eco' to create good, it has two features, one is open, that is, the introduction of more external Internet application services, and the other is a closed loop, platforms, content, terminals, an application form circulation system, through eco-collaboration, play eco fusion effect, "CEO Jia Yueting case described music as music as ecology. With music as the TV and Foxconn alliance continued to skyrocket Super TV; introducing music as the Motion Picture and Zheng Xiaolong Zhang Yimou; depending on the status of the music video website steady 5 Pa, the first big-screen UI system and the largest big screen application maturing market music as a whole ecology are accelerating the growth of the savage, ecological synergies increasingly evident. However, China's Internet industry has always been a good learning industry, after see the music as a model, imitators after another. Insiders believe that if you love Fantastic Art, millet, etc. have launched smart TV is on music as imitation of the product, and now, love Fantastic Art, Youku, millet, Suning, etc., have to content production and to the terminal layout is In follow the music as ecological "platform + content + Terminal + application" mode, do the vertical integration of the industry chain. Previously, iQiyi TCL teamed with cross-border integration into the TV screen, the two were rivals in the music video and television, as the field began to jointly build ecology. At the same time, iQiyi also announced a smart TV box with domestic tyrant Skyworth cooperative R & D box. Actively exploring the terminal entrance in love Fantastic Art to set up a film company to enter the upstream industry chain. In mid-November, there were indications iQiyi will set up film company, located in investment, production and distribution integrated in this new company, late last year, the chief content officer Jiaruaiqi Ma Dong Yi will serve as the company responsible people. Follow the music, as the establishment of ecological models, more than just the video industry, the entire Internet industry are to follow this pattern. Recently, industry rumors regarding millet strategic investment Thunder, Thunder COO Huang Peng and then for this thing playing tai chi, but that cooperation Thunder and millet are currently only router aspects. The possibility of future further. According to reliable sources Heineken International reporter understanding, millet has become the largest shareholder of Thunder. Horizontal integration of the Internet as millet are beginning to want to build eco vertical when the Internet industry will really blew up a "ecology" wind. All of a sudden, the word became the Internet industry's hot, the kind of competition before the era of local advantage is gradually away, and gradually became a full confrontation construction of the entire ecology. html模版2013智能电视爆发 互联网掀起“生态”模式之争
2013无疑是智能电视的爆发之年,不仅有乐视、爱奇艺、小米、阿里巴巴等互联网的开天辟地,还有创维、TCL等传统彩电厂商的入局,更有三星、LG的强力争夺,市场的爆发式增长、产品的日新月异、技术的不断升级、价格的逐渐亲民,让2013的注定成为智能电视浓墨重彩的一年。  自2012年9月19日,乐视的“颠覆日”,宣布超级电视计划为起点,“乐视生态”下的垂直整合模式,外界从质疑到观望再到跟进,智能电视市场的激战由此拉开序幕。  “乐视当前的主要任务是把‘乐视生态’打造好,它有两大特征,一个是开放,即引入更多外部的互联网应用服务,另一个是闭环,平台、内容、终端、应用形成一个可循环的系统,通过生态协同,发挥生态聚变效应”,乐视CEO贾跃亭如是描述乐视生态。而随着乐视TV与富士康的结盟,超级电视的持续热卖;乐视影业引入张艺谋和郑晓龙;乐视网站稳视频5霸的地位,第一大屏UI系统和最大的大屏应用市场的日趋完善,整个乐视生态正野蛮的不断加速生长,生态协同效应日益明显。  然而,中国的互联网行业向来是一个善于学习的行业,在看清乐视的模式之后,效仿者也纷至沓来。有业内人士认为,如果说爱奇艺、小米等纷纷推出智能电视是对乐视在产品上的模仿,而今,爱奇艺、优酷、小米、苏宁等,纷纷向内容生产和向终端布局,则是在效仿乐视生态的“平台+内容+终端+应用”模式,做产业链的垂直整合。  早先,爱奇艺与TCL联手进军电视屏跨界整合,这两家分别是乐视在视频及电视领域的对手开始联手共建生态。与此同时,爱奇艺还宣布与国内智能电视盒一霸的创维合作研发盒子。在积极探索终端入口之于,爱奇艺成立了影视公司向产业链上游进军。11月中旬,有消息显示,爱奇艺将成立影视公司,定位于投资、制作发行一体化,在这家新的公司中,去年年底加入爱奇艺的首席内容官马东将兼任该公司负责人。  效仿乐视建立生态模式的,绝不仅仅是视频行业,整个互联网行业都在效仿这种模式。近期,业内盛传的小米战略投资迅雷一事,而迅雷COO黄芃则对于这件事情打起了太极,只是称,迅雷和小米的合作目前仅仅是路由器方面。未来更进一步的可能性。而据喜力国际 记者了解的可靠消息,小米已成为迅雷的第一大股东。  当做着互联网横向整合的小米都开始想要垂直打造生态的时候,互联网行业也就真的刮起了一股“生态”风。一时之间,这个词成为互联网行业中的大热,以前那种以比拼局部优势的时代正在逐渐远去,渐渐的成为了建设整个生态的全面对抗。(责任编辑:admin)
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